About Us

Life can be very challenging, and sometimes our lives are handed challenges in the forms of anxiety, depression, childhood trauma, relationship problems, and grief, although there are so much more. We at Bear Creek Counseling want to support you and help make this time in your lives easier to manage. We are here for you to help provide support and care while you go through life's many challenges.

Our Mission

At Bear Creek Counseling, we believe in providing the best and most efficient forms of therapy for our clients, while maintaining a strong therapeutic relationship.

We believe in working with each client individually to find what approaches work best for their unique life and circumstances.

Each client has a voice in the therapy process and we are focused on listening to your needs and goals for your life.


Meet the Team

Bear Creek's Therapists have a wealth of knowledge and professional expertise that are unique to each.

Find out more about our therapists below to find the best fit for you in your journey.

Patricia Cox

Patricia Cox

Founder & Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Pat is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor working for many years in the social service field. Her specialties include working with adolescents, adults and elders. She focuses on clients who have experienced trauma, dissociation, dissociative identity disorder, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, codependency, family issues, grief and loss, life transitions and change, gender issues, assertive communication, chronic pain and illness, working with first responders and PTSD. Her practice focuses on using research based therapeutic techniques. She has received training in EMDR and is working towards certification. She also has additional training in EMDR DeTur protocol focusing on addiction and behaviors caused by addiction along with the EMDR protocol for recent critical incidents and ongoing traumatic stress. Pat uses a lot of positive psychology in her therapy and feels that laughter is a great healing factor.


Anne Finlinson

Master of Social Work Intern

Annie is an intern with Bear Creek Counseling and is in her final year of her Master of Social Work program at Utah State University. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development and Family Studies. This well-rounded education is preparing her to work with clients and their complex family systems, across the lifespan.

She has extensive experience working crisis diversion, management and intervention. As a hospital social work intern and former teacher, Annie has developed a passion for helping clients navigate anxiety and depression from strengths-based perspective.

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